Ditching cling film

Cling film needs to be a thing of the past. It is made of a variety of different plastics, the most popular being polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is harmful to humans and animals, single use, and a hard to recycle material that ends up clogging our landfill and oceans.

Ditching the cling film

Replacing the cling film in your house may be easier than you think.

  • Use reusable containers for leftovers to refrigerate/freeze food

  • Place sandwiches in lunch boxes for school/work/on the go

  • Use beeswax wraps (or vegan alternative)

lets talk about beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps (BWW) are one of the best, and easiest swaps for a zero waste lifestyle. They act exactly like cling film but are reusable, easy to clean and keep food fresher for longer. There are countless possibilities when it comes to beeswax wraps and their uses.


Beeswax wraps are perfect for bread. Aside from the landfill waste and pollution generated, one of the main problems with mass produced, store bought bread is that the PVC packaging can in fact accelerate the growth of mould on the loaf, requiring you to buy more sooner. On the other hand BWW are breathable which can keep your bread fresher for longer with a limited environmental impact. Our bread wraps are some of the largest available and are perfect for keeping your bread fresh.

They are also perfect for bowl covering and proofing the dough if freshly made! If you fancy making some of your own bread check out our recipe for garlic and sun dried tomato bread.


Beeswax wraps are so versatile they are also fab for cheeses. Having the BWW on the cheese stops it from sweating like it would if covered in clingfilm or other similar packaging. It can also be really hard to reuse clingfilm like you would want to with cheese, making BWW a perfect zero waste solution. We have a 3 cheese pack available here which are available in 3 different colour combinations. 


You would typically wrap sandwiches in tin foil or cling film when heading out no? Over the year that can amount up to so much single use waste you hadn't even really clocked. And, they aren't even good at their job...the sandwich is more like a flattie by the time you go to eat it as the cling film just isn't sturdy enough. If you want to swap out the cling film for a wax wrap just fold them into a simple envelope shape around the sandwich and it will keep it fresh, dry and intact for the whole day. Oh, top tip, use the wrap as a plate when eating to catch all those bread crumbs and sandwich fillings! Either the kitchen BWW (also vegan available here) are best for these types of use.

Herbs and Salads

So you know that gross squidgyness that your leaves and fresh herbs turn into when left open for a day or two? BWW here to the rescue! No more being saddened by your spinach become sludge. The wraps simply stop them from becoming wet in the fridge like they would do in a plastic bag. Similar to the sandwiches, create a pouch out of the bigger wraps and close the top. Any of our wraps linked above would be perfect for this.

Easy to clean

If you needed any other reason to make the switch, the wax wraps are really simple to clean. DO NOT put them in the dish washer. DO wipe them over with cold soapy water. If too hot, the wax can start to melt a little and lose its stickiness. Don't worry if you do by accident, they are pretty resilient and will survive. If you find your wraps do start to lose their quality, grab a wax block (will be available in store when we open). It is really simple just to re-wax your wraps and they will continue to live on and on and on... Kind of like waxing your surfboard.

What do you do with them once they have been exhausted

The great thing about Beeswax wraps is that you don't throw them away. They are reusable until not sticky and even then you re-wax. But, if they really have seen better days, use them as fire lighters. Chuck them in the BBQ or the fireplace and watch in awe at the product that has been used right up until it’s final moments!

Fancy some beeswax or vegan wraps? Check them out in our store and get them delivered same or next day for free!


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