Homemade Wild Garlic and Sun-dried tomato bread

Well that is a (yummy) mouthful... quite literally. I have seen wild garlic popping up pretty much here there and everywhere lately so today I thought I would pick some and make some delicious homemade garlic and sun dried tomato bread. This one gets a bit sticky and messy (and garlicy) but it is totally worth it.

How can you spot wild garlic?

Spring is a perfect time to go wild garlic hunting. It can be easily whipped up into a soup or pesto... or some bread, YUM! Both the leaves and flowers are edible which is pretty cool and you normally find it in big clusters on the woodland floor in spring. Wild garlic likes damp ground where it can grow in masses. You can typically smell it before anything and can identify it by its luscious green, spear shaped, leaves and each plant has a single flower head on the stem. If you see something that you think is garlic, have a smell of it and that will be the best indicator.

The Recipe


500g strong bread flour or plain white flour

7g fast action yeast

1tsp sugar

300ml warm water

1tbsp olive oil

1tsp salt

50g sun dried tomatoes

1 bunch of wild garlic or 5 garlic cloves


(1) Wash the wild garlic and remove the flower buds from the bunch and dice finely.

(2) Put the sugar and yeast into the water and stir. Leave for 10 minutes to bloom, when it looks like image on the right you know its ready.

(3) Get a large bowl and put the flour, salt and oil into a bowl along with the yeast mixture when bloomed. Mix together until combined. *Warning* it gets very sticky if using your hands. To get the dough off, rub hands together and it will start to fall off like crumbs.

(4) Once all mixed, it is time to knead. If kneading by hand, tip the mixture out onto a floured surface and knead for 15 minutes. *Get a playlist of 4 or so 'workout' songs together and treat it

as your arm workout for the day!*. If using a mixer with a dough hook, knead for 7-10 minutes on a low-medium speed.

(5) Once kneaded, flatten out the dough and tip out the tomatoes and garlic (I added fresh rosemary from the garden also) into the centre. Fold in the sides to encase the ingredients. Knead until the ingredients are well dispersed. *A fair few of the tomatoes tend to fall out so I tend to make a centre again and continue folding* If using a mixer just tip in the ingredients on the highest speed for about a minute.

(6) Tip the mixture into a well greased tin/bowl and cover with a (11) beeswax wrap or bowl cover. *We sell beeswax wraps (and vegan equivalent) on our online store, perfect for this recipe (they would all work). Delivered same day or next day depending on time of purchase*. Put it somewhere warm until the dough has tripled in size *I put it in the airing cupboard*, normally for an hour or so.

(7) When the dough is nearly reached full-size, put the oven on 200c. When the oven is at temperature, put the dough in an oven proof tin/bread tin and bake for 20mins. Once the time is up, turn the temperature to 180c and bake for a further 15 minutes. When done, turn it out onto a cooling rack and tap the bottom of the loaf. If it sounds hollow, it is done. If springy, put back in over for 5-10 minutes. Allow to cool completely before putting in an air-tight container or wrapping in your beeswax wraps... if it lasts that long!

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Scrapless x


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