This one is one of my favourite ones. You can really get creative with stuff and materials and watch them transform into something new. The hardest part however, is seeing what it can become before you get going. So before we get into it, what is reuse? Reuse is:

To use again for its original purpose or to fulfil a different function

For this, we really have to get out of the mindset of 'single use'. For example, your jam. Okay, you can't use the same jam over and over again, but the jar it came in is a great resource for a whole bunch of different crafts and activities. Use them to refill with your favourite treats at your local refill shop (Scrapless is a good shout). Decorate it and turn it into a pen pot or even use it for seedlings when growing plants! The possibilities are endless, we just need to get over single use.

Lots of things we use haven't actually reached the end of their potential life. This way of thinking helps minimise your waste and consumption along with creating jobs. For example, Wood Store Brighton is an organisation on a mission to find a way to reduce timber waste. by reusing the natural resource and finding it a new home. You can purchase timber planks directly from them for your own up cycling and creating our you can buy ready made pieces such as compost bins and shelving. Their reused timber also works great as a beautifully finished floor in your home or decking in your garden! Check them out here.

You just have to think outside the box on this one. Look at what you are going to throw in the bin and see if there is something else you could possibly do with it. All of my storage jars for refilling have been collected over the years from various foodstuffs such as peanut butter or jam, beetroot etc! Even my butter pots I have eventually become snack storage and lunch holders for when I head to work. If you come into the store don't be surprised if you see me eating out of a

flora pot... it won't be just butter aha. Oh and a good overnight oats out of a jar makes breakfast or a quick snack so easy and simple to grab! It is healthy, waste free and on the go. - Check this out for ways to reuse candles, deodorant.

Enjoy a pic of some puppies with a jar full of treats ------> You are welcome.

I am currently redecorating a house, which of course means a whole load of paint. Luckily enough, the Dulux paint pots are already made out of recycled plastic which is a great benefit. But the empty ones have now been turned into plant pots for my growing passion of attempting to keep plants alive. You may see some of them around the store once we open because they are obviously DIY jobs. But, I will get better in time, fingers crossed.

Clothes are a great one to reuse. You can turn jeans in to pencil cases for when the kids go back to school, or old T-Shirts into unpaper towels for the kitchen. The great thing being is that you can wash them time and time again and it is relatively free as you have just reused something! Here are some links to some awesome designs I wish I could pull off making: - jeans upcycle - jeans upcycle - jeans upcycle - clothes up cycle - jumper upcycle

Here is a more unusual one you may not have thought about reusing in some way. Toilet rolls. Yep you read that right. A good old toilet roll can be reused into so many different things from small gift boxes to bird feeders to fake flowers. They are a good resource for kids, toddlers and adults alike, you won't ever throw any away again! Here is a link to 40 ways to reuse a toilet roll (includes activities for kids and adults!) - how to make roses

One last thing is food. Those veg scraps we tend to throw away or compost have some life still in them so hold up. Get a little baggy and chuck them in the freezer, keep adding to the bag every time you cook up some veggies and after a while you will have a great stack for some homemade stock or broth! Simple, delicious and homemade. Oh, and waste free of course. Also, left overs make for a fab lunch the next day or you can even make them into a new dish! Get creative combine all your faves together :o . And of course, take away tubs. Sadly most take always still do wasteful deliveries, but, in some cases its great. FREE TUBAWARE! Can't think what could be better than that. Save up those tubs and again, take them to refill store, put your crafts in them, use them for lunches while out. Take away never tasted so good.

So, be creative, think if others would want what you no longer need and stop seeing things as single use will help get us reusing products time and time again!

P.S. If you have any jars/ glass bottles you don't want, hit me up as I am creating an amnesty box for Scrapless so those who forgot their jars can still be waste free in store!


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