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Meadow View Beeswax Wraps

Meadow View Beeswax Wraps

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Instead of non-recyclable cling film, which has to go into landfill where it releases harmful chemicals into our environment, beeswax wraps are natural cotton sheets with a wax coating that mould across the top of your bowls and containers, as well as around food items like cheese or sandwiches, to keep them fresh. You can use these again and again — with care, the typical lifespan of a beeswax wrap is around 10 years (with care), after which point it can be popped into your compost bin to biodegrade or used as firelighters. As a bonus, they're much prettier than cling film, as well!


They are super easy to use and care for. Wash them in your sink with cold soapy water. Careful not to let the temperature get too hot or the wax might begin to melt. To refresh your wraps if they're looking a little cracked, just put your grill on a low temperature (around 80C) and pop them under it for around two minutes to allow the wax to reset. Don't overdo it, or it will completely liquefy! - If you need more wax, you can get that here...


Our Square Set comes with 2 wraps, 40cm x 40cm & 30cm x 30cm. Perfect for a loaf of bread, sandwiches or plate coverings. 

Our Circle Set comes with 3 wraps , with a diameter of 20cm , 25cm & 30cm

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