Plastic Free & Eco- Friendly Food Storage Bagz

Reusable! Biodegradable! Responsible! BeeBAGZ are 100% natural and a safer, convenient option to plastic for all your family's food storage needs.

Using your BeeBagz: Start by placing food items inside, fold the top of the bag down and seal shut with the pinch of your fingers. Use your Bagz in the fridge, freezer, lunch-bags and backpacks! The bagz are ideal for ANYTHING you would put into a plastic bag... just not hot food, they don't like heat!

Cleaning and Care: Beeswax is naturally antibacterial, helping to keep the bagz clean and preventing the spread of common bacterial organisms. Simply wipe and/or rinse bags with cool water! Use only mild soap sparingly. Place bagz on dish rack, allowing them to dry completely. Avoid scrubbing and don't use harsh cleaners.

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