Whale and Me Dish Scrubbies

Beautifully hand made zero waste dish scrubbies! Made in Brighton

100% reusable pot scrubbers that come in two ways: Padded and flattie. These lovely pieces are the perfect fit to all your zero waste cleaning needs. All scrubbies are made from a layer of brushed cotton flannel, two layers of 100% cotton wadding and one layer of fine weave hessian.

All of these scourers are naturally abrasive and can be used on a range of surfaces around the house but particularly for those cleaner jobs in the kitchen or bathroom. Use the hessian side for those stubborn burnt on food/marks on pans and trays. Use the softer brushed cotton side to wash delicate items effectively without damage. Pop them in the washing machine (washable at 40c) when they need a freshen up!

When they are at the end of their useful like, they can be recycled in your local community textile recycling bin or cut up for composting!

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