Swap Shop

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Welcome to Scrapless' Toy Swap!

Help us save unwanted toys, kids books, games, DVD's and trinkets from going to landfill. Why not swap the toys your kids are bored of for a preloved one to carry on it's lifecycle.


Toy Swap Disclaimer


Any items taken are at owners risk, please ensure this toy is suitable for your child before allowing them to play with it.

All toys donated have been quarantined and wiped down where necessary. 


Please only donate a toy if it is in working condition. Any broken or unsuitable toys will be asked to be taken with you when you leave. 


Please do not allow your children to play with the toy before leaving the store unless there is intent to take it with you.

What would  you like us to introduce in our Swap Shop?  Drop us a message or speak to us instore!