The Scrapless Story


Hey i'm Meg! I am the founder of Scrapless and I am so excited to be offering this lifestyle opportunity to the community of Burgess Hill and surrounding areas.

For the last few years I have been on my own zero waste journey but have found it difficult due to the lack of resources in the area. There are the awesome stores in Brighton and Hove that I have visited on countless occasions, but it is getting difficult to get a decent shop in due to no car parking spaces or having to get the train. This is one reason why Scrapless was created; for zero waste shopping to be accessible to the wider community, not just those in the cities.

Scrapless: A community interest company

I wanted to create an environment, a hub and community of like minded people where everyone can come in and experience something different. Everything I do, and therefore the store, is the interest of benefiting the community, the environment, and bettering ourselves. With this in mind, I thought why not make it legally official.  I made Scrapless as a community interest company. 

Being a Community Interest Company, Scrapless will reinvest a  minimum of 65% of any profits back into the business, its employees or the local community. I believe a modern business like Scrapless has the moral duty to help make a better community, improve the environment and to look after its workforce. I'd love to hear any ideas that you think would benefit our community so please contact me!

scrapless floral CIC edit.jpg

Local where possible

We have many local produces, growers and makers all lined up to have their products in store so we are able to put money back into our local economy and support these other businesses. By using local businesses we are lowering our environmental impacts, and yours, when it comes to food miles. Scrapless prides itself on having the majority of stock coming from within Sussex and will continue to search for more goodies to bring to you all.